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NeuroTherm NT1100 RF Generator


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  • Model: NT1100
  • Manufactured by: NeuroTherm

The NeuroTherm NT1100 RF Generator is a three level multi-lesion RF Generator. Perform multiple lesions simultaneously, making RF procedures more time efficient. RF procedure options include Lesion, Pulsed, or Pulse Dose modes. Each electrode is controlled independently to maximize safety during procedures.

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NueroTherm NT 1100



Customize your NT 1100 Radiofrequency Generator.

Program your personal preferences for every mode or procedure, add patient data at the start of your day or prior to their procedure, and label up to 8 anatomical sites.

The NT 1100 comes with integrated data acquisition software so you can access your data when you want it.

Data Management right at your fingertips.


NT 1100

NueroTherm NT 1100


Pulse Dose

The alternative that makes sense. For the first time ever, you can be sure of the voltage delivered with every pulse of radiofrequency. Using Pulse Dose will not compromise amplitude, pulse width, or pulse rate. Simply set your preferred voltage, press auto start, and count down the pulses.



NueroTherm NT 1100
NueroTherm NT 1100

Dual Electrode

Only the NT 1100 has a dual electrode capability for Thermal Lesion and Pulsed Radiofrequency modes where RF energy is communicated between the two active tips. Optimal placement of the two electrodes can create a larger lesion size or electric field compared to using only one electrode.

A safe and economical clinical option.


Multiple Electrodes

The first to offer Multiple Electrodes in simultaneous use. Perform RF procedures more efficiently by treating up to 3 sites simultaneously in either Lesion, Pulsed, or Pulse Dose modes. Each electrode is controlled independently to maximize safety during your procedure.

Simplicity III

Simplicity III is a new probe designed with three distinct active areas. It is flexible enough to navigate challenging anatomical areas and the user can control the shape of lesion or electric field created in the nerve tissue. Harness the power of RF with Simplicty III.

Diskit II

Diskit II offers a safe, simple, and effective alternative to disc treatments. The kit comprises of two easy to place 20 gauge introducers with matching electrodes. The unique algorithm in the NT 1100 directs the RF energy between the two active tips without the use of a dispersive plate. Diskit II can be used either in Thermal lesion or Pulsed RF to treat discogenic pain. The result is a larger lesion within the annulus or a wider electric field in Pulsed mode.


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